Monday, June 25, 2012

Yes, even artists have to get sales...

When I became an artist I thought great, I can draw all day, people will just magically find me, and hire me. Then I got a real big reality check.

At an artist's conference I found out that 50% of an artists time should be spent in marketing themselves. They talked about developing marketing plans, strategies... for an artist???

Whodda thought!!
But it started to make sense.

Marketing=Sales! Sales=Money!
Money= Eating and Sleeping Indoors...
Two things I've really become accustomed to.

Ding, ding, ding!! I think this is something I better do.  But how??

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Be A Kid Today...

With the summer just around the corner that means...
At least for me, that's what summer means, and if you would admit it, the little kid inside you is screaming I wanna go swimming.Yet responsibilities and bills too often stop us from doing the things we used to do as kids, and that stinks. It really does! If I had to do if all again I wouldn't grow up.

So now that I am stuck being an "adult" I have decided to let loose my inner child. Each day I just take time to have fun,
to step outside, to breath, to enjoy, to be silly...
even it's just for 10 minutes.

It's fresh air, sunshine... take off your shoes, wiggle your piggies, breathe... then breathe again. So that is all for my first post, I am turning off the computer... getting the dog, and heading out for a walk... and breathe. As Oscar Wilde said: "Life is too imprtant to be taken seriously"