Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Way!! Salespeople are more important than who???

When I first read Al's blog titled "Why Sales People Are More Important Than Astronauts"  I said okay he's gone over the deep end now. But out of shear morbid curiosity I kept reading. And much to my surprise, he is so right... Wow, if we didn't have sales people where would we be!!

Here is an excerpt from his blog, and I quote:
If a sales person does not sell a house, 
no one moves in.
If a sales person does not sell a car, 
no one drives away.
If a sales person does not sell an airplane, 
no one flies.
If a sales person does not sell a transport truck, nothing gets transported

Wow, he is so right! 
Even in my art business I can make great artwork but if no one buys it, I starve, plain and simple. So, if I don't sell my art, then somebody has to... 

So in reality either I am the salesman or the art rep that I hire is the salesman for me. And yes, salesman get a bad rap but the reality is, if it weren't for them, where would even an artist be. We would starve! And as I said before, my two favorite things are eating and sleeping indoors.

And Al brought about another good point... here's more from his blog post:

You see if the house is not sold, the builders don’t have any more work.  If the car is not sold, the manufacturer closes and the workers are out of work. If the workers are out of work they can’t make purchases and pay taxes...You see, not much happens unless a sales person sells something. Even the space ship that the astronaut use to travel in was sold to NASA by a sales person.  And the space program itself have to be constantly sold every few years to the federal government by a sales person.You see, we even need the help of sales people to get us to the moon.

My dad was a salesperson, he wasn't a liar, or sleezy... he was a man of integrity.
And most salespeople are that way too. It is just the few bad apples that make us all think of sales people as those selling that snake oil.

So they next time you get your paycheck from your job just remember there is some salesperson out there who is selling your companies products or services. And if it wasn't for them there would be no orders, thus no work for you... and no money in your pocket.

Maybe it's time salespeople got a pat on the back... 
Honestly where would we be without them.

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